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Feel as at home, read and study the Ancient and Recommended teachings and scriptures - and remember – here you can ask the Questions!

– This website was created to help, share my experience and teach people in sufferings, people on the path to perfection, people on the path to a better future world.

The Better Future World - depends on the virtue of each, depends on our training in virtue. The virtue makes the world around better every day, the lack of virtue, moral duty, inner discipline – makes the world corrupt, weak and suffering;

  • Gītās, Purāṇas, Itihāsas, Śāstras recommended
    Vedic Hindu sacred literature is a treasury of hymns, legends, mythology, philosophy, science and ethics. From among this vast body of writings, each lineage recognizes a se­lect portion as its secondary scripture, called smṛiti. Especially central are the ancient Sanskrit texts, such as the Itihāsas, Purāṇas and Dharma Śāstras, which are widely termed the classical smṛiti. Yes, this is the Great...

To be Good, to make the World Good, to Eliminate the Evil & Suffering in the World – People should be Trained in Virtue & Goodness. They should know exactly – How & Why to train themselves, to meditate, to pray, to be inspired by Lives of Saints;
The Modern Lies tells – people are what they are, and we can do nothing – if some are evil or without a compassion or homosexuals or drunkards or criminals – we can do nothing, we have no Hope!
- These are all Big Lies – we have so many methods to train and change the minds of the people – there are inspiring examples, self-suggestion, prayers, meditations, mantras, education, discipline – which can change and transform Mind & Personality.
- Those Ancient methods – which deal with Training & Transformation of Personality, Eliminating Human Suffering – are known as Religions.

  • Itivuttaka | Buddhas Discourses

    Itivuttaka | Buddhas Discourses The Itivuttaka, a collection of 112 short discourses, takes its name from the statement at the beginning of each of its discourses: this (iti) was said (vuttaṁ) by the Blessed One. The collection as a whole is attributed to a laywoman named...

  • Chaitanya Movement | History

    What follows below and in the following attached pages – is a treatise on the History of this Chaitanya Movement – from its beginnings – in 16th century Bengal – when Chaitanya Mahāprabhu lived – up to the 1925 – when Prabhupāda Bhaktivedanta – was still a young and learning men...

  • Ethics of Guru Nanak

    Ethics of Guru Nānak The religion of Guru Nānak is the religion of householders. He has totally rejected the division of varṇas (castes) and āśramas (stages of life) enjoined by Hindu śāstras. Activity is the keynote of the Guru’s philosophy and the basis of his ethics. For him...