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Dorje Sempa purification mantra

Probably the best purification practice, according to Tibetan Buddhism, is meditation on Dorje Sempa and repetition of his mantra. This is also the second part of the preliminary practices in all four traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Dorje Sempa (in Tibetan: Dorje Sempa, Sanskrit: Vajrasattva) or how we often call him in english – Diamond Mind – is considered a Boddhisattva in Mahayana and Vajrayana traditions.

Chenrezig - our compassionate friend!

The mantra of Chenrezig is probably the most popular Buddhist mantra in the world. It has been repeated by every Mahayana Buddhist in the world disregarding all other possible differences. In third century BC the Indian king Ashoka was sending his messengers across the all Indian subcontinent from the present day Afghanistan in the north to the Greece in the south to engrave it in...

Who is Red Zambala in Buddhism

In this article I will tell you what means Zambala (or sometimes pronounced also Jambhala or Dzambala). If you were wondering who is Zambala in Tibetan Buddhism, and why this website is named Red Zambala, I will tell you. Zambala in Tibetan Buddhism is commonly regarded as a God of Wealth.