12 Reasons Why Mantra Yoga is Supreme

12 Reasons Why Mantra Yoga is Supreme:

1. Everyone can repeat Mantra: Men, Women, small Kids, Elderly People, Poor people, Rich People, Clever People, Stupid and Uneducated people!

If someone would be so sick to be unable to repeat Mantra, you can repeat it near him, and he still will reap the benefit!

2. Mantra always works and bring result.

3. You can repeat Mantra alone or in company together with other people.

4. Mantra sounds like a music, you can sing it and enjoy.

5. You can repeat Mantra at home, in the park, on the street, in the meditation centers, outside meditation centers.

6. You can repeat Mantra with teachers and without teachers (Although you may want to have an initiation at some point, but it's secondary)

7. Meditation - it is repetition of Mantra, not daydreaming. Meditation - it is when you watch your mind stream closely and if some thought arises - Blinksh! - You kill it with Mantra Weapon right away! With time it will learn not to come close anymore!

8. To Practice Mantra you don't need any , often self-proclaimed instructors, even less to pay for their service! Although, you may wish at some point to attend some similar-minded companies and religious centers, and donate for the support of the center - But it's a grand difference if you pay for the support of the center for all, or for somebody's private business.

9.Mantra Yoga will bring you benefit in this world and all other worlds, while Hatha yoga - on most part only physical health in this world, which we should be ready to leave any moment.

10.Mantra is Beautiful.

11. Mantra is Love.

12. Mantra is inner wisdom - after Mantra practice you will not depend anymore on somebody's else wisdom, wisdom from second hands or learned wisdom! You will have your own Wisdom!