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Last week I have noticed a large wave of Hatred toward Muslims & Islam in the posts & sharings of my spiritual friends...What can I say?! Hatred is always Hatred - it makes bad Karma or is considered a sin in most Religions, this should be clear first. There is hardly any really evil religion or ideology - there are always imperfect humans. I would

Everyone can repeat Mantra: Men, Women, small Kids, Elderly People, Poor people, Rich People, Clever People, Stupid and Uneducated people! If someone would be so sick to be unable to repeat Mantra, you can repeat it near him, and he still will reap the benefit!You can repeat Mantra alone or in company together with other people.Mantra sounds like a music, you can sing it and

I see people around the world in this age of materialism have many doubts and misunderstandings about religious topics. We see many basic questions: Are Religions good or evil? Should we believe or follow this or that? Is it Truth or it's not a Truth? Is there a God or there is no God?! May be we should not follow Religion but some Spirituality?!

I am watching this photo and pondering - what could be brought such an attitude to women? What could be reason most people treat females as a sexual objects instead of equal human persons? The original article suggests there are some western countries where females are rather equal to the men. Really?! And what has brought us a century of so called "equality"? A Playboy?

I am very concerned over my recent discussions with some people considering themselves Buddhists and, I would say, an often seen tendency among the western Buddhists to initiate a Holy Wars against other religions, other views or the concept of god or mysticism. It appears like some people think if they don’t like or don’t understand something what they have been told about gods or

Who is Red Zambala

Red Zambala is an important name in Buddhism. And this will be my Buddhist’s blog on Buddhism, Religions, philosophies, spiritual practices and may be a thing or two about our life on internet – websites, blogging, socializing etc. Since a young age I was deeply touched by people’s sufferings, sorrows and negativities. And I was looking for a solution. The primary solution in those times

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