On Female Equality or rather Inequality

I am watching this photo and pondering - what could be brought such an attitude to women? What could be reason most people treat females as a sexual objects instead of equal human persons? The original article suggests there are some western countries where females are rather equal to the men. Really?! And what has brought us a century of so called "equality"? A Playboy? More "free" and independent prostitutes,brothels and uncountable "wanna be seduced" females? Adultery becoming a norm of life?

We expected the equal female would mean equal in logical thinking, equal in virtues, equal in work. Instead we have got females emphasizing their biological and may be other inequality.

Let's be clear here - sexuality is a females power. They are aware of it good enough. Women want to sell it as a good. First may be for attention, next for position in society or better career and at last directly for money. Most men fall for it, very few learn to ignore , lock out the sexual factor. Women tempt, they most often get the results of their action, and finally they feel unequal or subdued or scared?!

Something there seems not right. Could there be equality emphasizing differences? Can they expect men to see and treat them as sexual objects and expect equality? So far it seems the female vision is to look for bad boys and say: "They do adultery. We want too. We want to be equal." - But sadly enough it doesn't lead to any real equality. Equality might come when humans will see each other as equal, as sisters and brothers. And they won't be engaged in a very predictable game of impulses and expectations.

What it has to do with rape scandals in several countries? Crimes might happen. They might happen there or here. That's sad. But most often the reasons are the big accent to sexual differences and inequality and there is no way to equality. In some cases it might be the direct cause, in some it might be not the direct cause; but it is still the general cause as we are members of society. If I don't treat females as a females, but as friends to watch ice hockey together - there would be a mass of society doubting if "are you a real men?!" - Of course, people doesn't like to lose their fancy power - "that they are the governors  over me and my sexual power." Or that "they are real men because some females are good with them".

It's not my job to decide who is right or wrong, but we should be clear and honest - what are we doing and where are we all moving - towards sexual equality or towards inequality.

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