Religions & Haters, Hindu & Muslims & Better World


Last week I have noticed a large wave of Hatred toward Muslims & Islam in the posts & sharings of my spiritual friends...What can I say?! Hatred is always Hatred - it makes bad Karma or is considered a sin in most Religions, this should be clear first. There is hardly any really evil religion or ideology - there are always imperfect humans.

I would say - be better good in your own religion, practice good & regularly, study it's teachings, spread a holy inspiration, personal example & teaching around in the world, wherever you are, be determined, make good organizations if you can and be organized. Be United. This is the Path of all Saints & Buddhas. If you are strong in yourself - nobody can convert you or whatever. To hate is always easy, to be good yourself - is very hard work, requires a lot of determination & effort & is very unpopular in our dark age.

Now - what concerns spreading & global rulership: I think it should be a true dream of any Religionist, of any spiritual person - to make the World better, to spread the Light in the World, not just in India, not just in Italy - but all around - in all the world. It has always been my goal, dream & inspiration, I see it is a dream of Muslims - we have no big contradictions on this - except - I believe - all Religions are One - they should be united and act united - against darkness of the world - against Atheists, Materialists, Lusts, LGBT, alcoholism, drugs, crimes and wars.

And - when we come to a True Oneness in Spirit - I can see a very few friends around - no matter in Hindu fold or Christianity or Muslim.... Yet, there are few, in Hinduism, in true Christian Catholicity, in Islam & Sufism there are a few too. This should serve as the foundation of the New World.

Personal Testimony. I was grown up in a Communist country (USSR) - as a Communist, a proud believer in a future better world & a fighter for a better world (1975-1991). It was clear - Communism was great Ideal, the sad thing - not every "communist" was a perfect human - and so the system failed. People’s Consciousness, Merits, understanding, virtues - where not perfect for the Perfect System & Perfect world. The methods of personality training, education & upbringing failed somewhere...

...and so - my journey for the  Better World - continued in Religions - first in Healing & Spirituality, then in Buddhism and most of the time in Hinduism... It's not about some culture or history or heritage - it's about methods of Training the Mind, Purifying the consciousness - saintly living every day, transcendence above the worldly things & cultures, and dreams of a Future Religious/ Spiritual World, without evil people, without wars & cries, without selfish bourgeois, without nationalism.

I have no religion for religion, but - Religion for a Better World. At times I am inspired with Buddhism, at times with Hindu or Sikh, at times I may be enchanted by Christian organizational skills or some Christian Saint, at times - with Islamic social equality, brotherhood, discipline & determination and some Sufi Saints.

At times - I am very disappointed with Hindu morality, organisational skills, varṇa/ inequality in society, lack of discipline, determination and global ambitions.

At times - I have considered a joining Islam & Sufism - to fight for a better world together - not by arms, but by a Religion & Inspiration...

The same time - I know - there are many disappointments in Islam too.

I have grown up with mostly Hindu beliefs - with Karma & Reincarnation and Liberation & Moksha & Vegetarianism... It would definitely be hard to have bloody brothers...

Ye' all, all should be changed; People should change, be strong and move ahead! The World should be ours!